Design & Creative Workshop Series for Entrepreneurs (March-May 2020)


Admission fee:£60 p/ workshop (discount on multiple bookings, follow sign up link for information)


May 6, 2020


10:00 - 12:30 (registration from 9:30)


Huckletree West
191 Wood Lane
W12 7FP




Upstream is partnering with the delightful Fulham-based Glue Studios to run a series of design and creative workshops for entrepreneurs.

Glue Studios’ Warna Workshops take your talent and creativity to the next step.

There are four different workshops across this series (17 March, 31 March, 22 April, 6 May). You can sign up for as many as you wish – no bad idea as there are great synergies.


Workshops run from 10:00-12:30, registration from 9:30.


All you need is a notepad or sketchbook.


Raise your branding level with Design & Creative Workshops for Entrepreneurs for small businesses, start-ups and freelancers. Gain useful knowledge on how to create basic brand guidelines, stress-free production workflow and planning for a successful creative campaign.

We’ve designed a series of four short training workshops for entrepreneurs to update their skills and gain useful insights to brand identity for businesses.

17 March 2020: (WD001) Introduction to brand guidelines for start-ups and SMEs

You have developed a great product or service, but now you need to distinguish the brand to be recognisable in the marketplace. Your business may be ready for a bespoke brand guideline to help your organise and communicate your marketing message effectively. This workshop will walk you through the basics of brand guidelines and useful industry resources.

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs and early-stage SMEs that are ready to deploy their brand message beyond a single logo.

What is covered: • How to choose typography • Establishing identity through colours • Tone of voice • How to work with a designer / creative

31st March: (WD002) Developing brand voice and creative direction

Your brand is now ready to stand out in a crowded marketplace and you are starting to generate regular marketing campaigns to boost sales. How do you set your brand apart from the competitions? Are you using the right voice? Are you looking to attract investors to your business?

Suitable for: This workshop is useful for entrepreneurs and early-stage SMEs that are ready to maximise their brand potential and present a confident identity that is attractive to customers and investors. Guide for businesses to cultivate strong brand personas that set them apart from competitions.

What is covered: • What is a brand persona • Where to apply it • Brand archetypes •House style

22nd April: (WD003) Introduction to basic brand assets for SMEs

This workshop is useful for businesses that regularly generate their own marketing collaterals and campaign artworks. Learn the difference between file formats (JPEG, PNG, EPS), print and online, how to create them and the latest industry standards.

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs and early-stage SMEs that need to prepare brand toolkits such as stationery, marketing collaterals and social media template.

What is covered: • Types of brand assets • Print and Online assets • Fonts • Useful resources • Current trends

6th May: (WD004) Planning a sustainable creative campaign and holistic production workflow

The most importance factor in creating a successful creative campaign is planning. Without proper scheduling, a campaign would risk missing sales goal and exceeding budget. This workshop will outline tried-and-tested production workflow that ensures a sustainable process, consistency and preserves mental well-being by avoiding unnecessary stress created by disorganisation.

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs, SMEs and managers that want a stress-free production workflow, realistic scheduling and setting up processes that could be repeated effectively by the team. This will save time and increase productivity.

What is covered: • Introduction to design sprint • Scheduling • Negotiating deadlines • Sprint platforms • Preparing cost • Good team communication


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