Case study 2: Space to grow


Two very different organisations, both doing good – how could we not try to help them?

Mitt build prosthetic limbs at affordable prices for those that need them around the world. They have designed a prosthetic arm that is incredibly functional but is still comfortable and affordable. “Upstream was instrumental in Mitt securing office space in the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace – which is where we’re now based, building arms and meeting customers and partners.”

Resurgo, a long-standing charity in Hammersmith launched a new social impact accelerator – a 12 week program working with 8-10 entrepreneurs whose business is focused on social impact. “Upstream provided Resurgo Ventures with a helpful introduction to the landlord of a building in Hammersmith that is shortly due to be demolished. As a result, we obtained free meanwhile space to run our first social impact accelerator. For a non- profit organisation, a free office allowed us to invest our resources into our startup cohort.”