Wear Mitt


“I’d love to see Hammersmith and Fulham become the next Silicon Valley, and Upstream are providing the support for small businesses like ours to make that a reality.”

Description of company

Mitt build prosthetic limbs at affordable prices for those that need them around the world. They have designed a prosthetic arm that is incredibly functional but is still comfortable and affordable. The user is able to fit the limb themselves (and adjust it) without having to wait weeks for a clinician. They are now at the exciting stage of testing their product on a small group of individuals.

How have Mitt worked with Upstream?

Mitt attended the first Uplift clinic and the launch party of Gigglebyte – Upstream’s business meets comedy festival. 

How has Mitt benefited from working with Upstream?

“Prema and Jenni were instrumental in Mitt securing office space in the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace – which is where we’re now based, building arms and meeting customers and partners. Aside from that we’ve been exposed to exciting local businesses including a local design agency which we are looking to work with in the close future.”