Upstream is here to support innovation, collaboration and business growth. We are here to make the borough a place to thrive and to help transform White City into an innovation district. We are a joint venture between Imperial College and Hammersmith & Fulham Council. Our focus is on the biotech, digital and creative industries.

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Upstream Thursday x TechWest. London: Reshaping Industries and Stopping Climate Change with Blockchain

March 28, 2019

Upstream Thursday – How to find a Co-founder & drinks

April 25, 2019

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So tell us about you, what 'new thing' are you working on? May be there's someone in our community *cough* that can help you. #sharingiscaring #fridayfeeling #collaboration #inspiration #entrepreneurmindset 'entrepreneurlife

📢ONE WEEK TO GO📢 until the first TechWest. London event of the year at @huckletree! Join us for #networking and a panel discussion on the live applications of #blockchain! Find out more and book your place here: https://t.co/LT1mLw71Tk

Despite #Brexit, a new report by Bidwells says #Science and #tech companies are looking to attract 20,000 new R&D workers by 2023, including our very own @imperialcollege https://t.co/VgoJleUMAY

A great read from @gabrielahersham, CEO of @huckletree on why #startups🚀 need to upskill 🤓 if they want to compete with larger companies. https://t.co/yTiZDM2vfc #WednesdayWisdom #entrepreneurmindset #leadership #entrepreneur

Researchers 👨🏿‍🔬 at @imperialcollege & The University of Hong Kong have developed a platform called RAPTER that uses a #biosensor and #robotics 🤖to measure the luteinizing hormone effectively automating #fertility testing https://t.co/eqUFA2j4Dt #healthtech #digitalhealth

Amazing offer for £5/day desk space @huddle for local start ups, businesses, artists - for more info and to find out how to qualify email 3shortlands@huddle.london offer open until 22nd March


A new #game show from @BBCTwo 'The Family Brain Games' looks to test families' 21st Century Intelligence🧠! But watch out, it'll be a tough one as our very own @DrAdamHampshire, cognitive #neuroscientist at @imperialcollege has designed the challenges! https://t.co/hsmj14ijPu #tv

What's the best piece of #business advice you've ever been given?
Pic credit: @UKBlackTech #faceslikeme

Former @RCA's @RCAvisualcomm alumni Josh Spindler's #exhibition 👨🏾‍🎨🎨🎭- 'Guess I'll live', at The Chopping Block uses humour & memes to explore his feelings around his and his partner's journey through breast #cancer https://t.co/qgRlrX2ku1 #inspiration #innovation #art

Those clever people Ed Jones, Insiya Jafferjee, Amir Afshar & Andrew Edwards studying together at @imperialcollege & @RCA have created a #biodegradable & #recyclable 🌏 #bioplastic using lobster shell waste in an initiative they're calling #Shellworks. https://t.co/c6R5ETw2PF

Upstream, led by @PremaG has a mighty Enterprise Advisory Board of #Founders, #brand specialists, #professors, #growth & #innovation experts, political leaders & CEOs. Get in touch to see how we can help you! @imperialcollege @LBHF #tech #science #startup https://t.co/2gIeOgDHsN