Upstream is here to support innovation, collaboration and business growth. We are here to make the borough a place to thrive and to help transform White City into an innovation district. We are a joint venture between Imperial College and Hammersmith & Fulham Council. Our focus is on the biotech, digital and creative industries.

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Upstream Thursday x TechWest. London: Reshaping Industries and Stopping Climate Change with Blockchain

March 28, 2019

Upstream Thursday – How to find a Co-founder & drinks

April 25, 2019

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A team of @imperialcollege students 🔬👨🏽‍🔬 are hoping to make avoidable blindness 👀a thing of the past with a revolutionary imaging tool 👁️https://t.co/WPoEib57HT #healthtech #digitalhealth #medtech #startup #innovation @UKBlackTech #faceslikeme

@HelloUpstream This sounds like an innovative way to use blockchain! Hopefully some constructive ideas will come out of the session 👍 ^JC

Join our discussion on 'Reshaping Industries and Stopping #ClimateChange with #Blockchain' with panellists @leiamoy, @Nxsteps_uk, @derekmyersbeond, @Beondgroup's @ZeroCarbonPrjct, @HSBC_UK & @SukhiJutla, @Market_Orders at @huckletree West 28/3 5-7pm Book: https://t.co/QwjtBPM3ai

❤️inspirational @JdR_Tech on #DesertIslandDiscs 🎼📻@BBCr4today talking w/ sheering honesty #tech #Diversity . Oh + choice of Bread's 'I would Give Everything brought tears' to my eyes.

The C3NL team had a lot of fun helping out with this series. The games developers started with the tests that we use to assess different aspects of intelligence and really took them to the next level. @emmsskyyy @Amy2Jolly @nialljbourke @neuroDaws @neurohellyer @C3NL_Imperial https://t.co/H58ndyKSg9

So tell us about you, what 'new thing' are you working on? May be there's someone in our community *cough* that can help you. #sharingiscaring #fridayfeeling #collaboration #inspiration #entrepreneurmindset 'entrepreneurlife

📢ONE WEEK TO GO📢 until the first TechWest. London event of the year at @huckletree! Join us for #networking and a panel discussion on the live applications of #blockchain! Find out more and book your place here: https://t.co/LT1mLw71Tk

Despite #Brexit, a new report by Bidwells says #Science and #tech companies are looking to attract 20,000 new R&D workers by 2023, including our very own @imperialcollege https://t.co/VgoJleUMAY

A great read from @gabrielahersham, CEO of @huckletree on why #startups🚀 need to upskill 🤓 if they want to compete with larger companies. https://t.co/yTiZDM2vfc #WednesdayWisdom #entrepreneurmindset #leadership #entrepreneur

Researchers 👨🏿‍🔬 at @imperialcollege & The University of Hong Kong have developed a platform called RAPTER that uses a #biosensor and #robotics 🤖to measure the luteinizing hormone effectively automating #fertility testing https://t.co/eqUFA2j4Dt #healthtech #digitalhealth

Amazing offer for £5/day desk space @huddle for local start ups, businesses, artists - for more info and to find out how to qualify email 3shortlands@huddle.london offer open until 22nd March