Upstream supports, connects and shines a light on incredible entrepreneurs, businesses and academics. Our mission is to turn Hammersmith & Fulham into a leading destination for the science, tech and creative industries, to help transform White City into an innovation district and to ensure inclusive growth. We are a partnership between H&F and Imperial College London.

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Lunch & Learn: How Upstream Can Help You (@Kindred)

January 30, 2020

1:1 Talent Strategy Clinic (for tech businesses)

February 4, 2020

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Our #community says it best: "So happy to be at another Upstream #event! If you know anyone in business who works/lives in #Hammersmith & #Fulham or nearby, well worth knowing about this great community (aka ‘network’) of smart, curious people." - @s_devonshire, @caffeinepartner

Thanks for a very lovely intro @PremaG! Superstar making @HelloUpstream a great place for West London businesspeople to connect - startups, scale ups, SMES, corporates... all the curious people connecting together. https://twitter.com/HelloUpstream/status/1202302414390464512

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#Hammersmith is a hot-spot for Hollywood! How many #movies can you name filmed in our #creative #media borough? We'll start you off -'The Exorcist', 'Trainspotting & 'The Da Vinci Code'... Find out which others were filmed here & how to join them 👉 http://ow.ly/d27650xsw7d @LBHF

Don't miss our guide to 'December's Hottest #Tech, #Science, & #Creative #Events in #Hammersmith & #Fulham!' http://ow.ly/Dy6x50xsq6z
Do you have an upcoming tech/science/creative #event? Tell us all about it for a chance to be featured in our Jan #guide!

Missed #UpstreamDiscovery Series #Podcast? What? Not heard of it?! This tweet's saved you from the peril that is being Out. In.The.Cold! Sign up to be In.The.Know on H&F's #tech, #science & #creative #innovations: http://ow.ly/cQBE50xsrsY @LBHF @imperialcollege @Imperial_INC

#ManCrushMonday is @andrewcohenbbc - previous #DeepTechNetwork speaker (Pic credit @greyparrotai) - & Head of award-winning @bbcstudios #science unit, where he's been responsible for high-profile programmes e.g. '#HumanUniverse', '#ThePlanets' & '#Horizon'! @BBCScienceClub@BBCTwo

Looking for something fun & different to do? Check out @ElephantMag's monthly social retro #gaming night at @_ElephantWest #art space, #WhiteCity taking place 11/12 6-11pm. Find out more: http://ow.ly/52t650xoNul #Hammersmith #Fulham #tech #fridayvibes #friyay #fridayfeeling

Well this made my week a huge thank you to @HelloUpstream @PremaG for your support and encouragement! ❤️ https://twitter.com/helloupstream/status/1202105401732476933