Team Upstream’s vision is for Hammersmith & Fulham to have an inclusive, thriving ecosystem of ambitious science, tech and creative organisations with the White City innovation district a global beacon of growth through innovation. We are a partnership between Hammersmith & Fulham and Imperial College London.

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We support science, tech and creative businesses and organisations of all sizes. Our work involves:

  • Fostering professional connections
  • Convening organisations that can solve common challenges better by working together
  • Creating social and serendipitous opportunities for the community to interact
  • Shining a light on innovative science, tech, creative organisations and sign-posting assets and amenities


In 2017, the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (in partnership with Imperial College London) published its Industrial Strategy ‘Economic Growth for Everyone’. Hammersmith & Fulham has long been a great place to work and play, being home to international and innovative businesses, and blessed with river views, exceptional transport links, and a thriving arts scene. 

This strategy outlined a vision for transforming the borough into a global beacon of innovation and growth, not just for businesses located here but for the local community too. From this vision was created the Partnership for Growth and Innovation – now known as Upstream – as a conduit between businesses and other stakeholders, to help make this vision into a reality.

Who we are

Upstream is a partnership between Hammersmith & Fulham and Imperial College London that was set up in January 2018. Its Managing Director Prema Gurunathan leads a lean and agile team which reports to senior representatives from College and Council and is advised by business leaders and academics.

Prema Gurunathan

Upstream’s MD since its founding, Prema’s expertise is in corporate affairs, where successes include building support for the UK’s aerospace industrial strategy which received £1.1bn from HMG. As a consultant, her clients ranged from start-ups founded by two successful serial entrepreneurs to a FTSE 100 engineering business. She is a member of Tech London Advocates


Stephanie Powell

With an academic background in Neuroscience and Pharmacology, Steph joined Upstream from scientific publishing where she updated and processed multiple titles, including the BNF, and was key in designing a company-wide CSR programme. As stakeholder engagement manager, she leads in building and connecting the Upstream community - from business to academia to community groups, Steph is here to help you make an impact.


Gloria Gyamfuaa

Gloria is Upstream’s Marketing and Events officer who had the joy of joining the team during the first lockdown. As a recent Marketing graduate, her work placements have included time at an artisanal candy business (lucky her!). Gloria is the one who puts together our socials and newsletters so hit her with any news, jobs and events you’d like us to share.