A blueprint to starting over: how to pivot with purpose


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June 23, 2020

14:00 - 15:30

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Has COVID-19 made you evaluate what matters? Do you now want to inject more purpose into work and life?

This workshop with coach Mark Elliott uses an effective framework to focus into a more profitable and personally rewarding direction.

COVID-19 has knocked many plans off course, leading to a revaluation of jobs and life more generally. Most of us lack a structured way to reinvent ourselves. This workshop introduces a single page blueprint to understand our careers up until now, and take possession of our career path. It is not a silver bullet, but a framework that has helped thousands of people to create a happier new life.

This workshop is for individuals or business owners who wish to refocus or pivot in a more profitable or more personally rewarding direction.

Recalibrate is Upstream’s new series to help the science, tech and creative sectors in these unprecedented times. Here, we offer you the tools to boost your business, expand your skill-set, and adapt to what might be the ‘new normal’.

About your speaker
Mark Elliott worked for a large tech business and was part of the team when it was acquired for £1.5bn. Next he worked for many start-ups, picking up all the skills you can imagine, which enabled him to set up his own business. For a time, this was a success, with a turnover of over £1million but a change in government policy and supply chain challenges caused insurmountable problems. Mark wished he had a wise counsel to challenge him and help the business grow sustainably. He became the coach he wished he had. These days, Mark works with business owners to enable them to achieve their goals. These include: personal freedom to enjoy life, revenue and profit growth, or the more ‘mundane’ external finance, product launches and company sales. Find out more about Mark here.

Some testimonials:
“We have sold more in the last seven weeks than we have in the last seven months, we have increased our Instagram following with better content and engagement, and I’m spending less time on this as I’m more organised. All in all, I’m really pleased with the way things are going and can definitely see and FEEL the benefits of taking a more strategic approach thanks to you.” – Jen, Co-founder of Hustle & Heels

“I’ve been working with Mark since mid-2019, and the difference he’s made both to my thinking, and the strategic direction of the company, have been game-changing. What I love most about Mark is that he is in touch with the latest ideas in business positioning and marketing, and is helpful in an entirely pragmatic and down-to-earth way. I know I can rely on him to challenge my assumptions and help me get to where I need to be in my thinking, in a way that is always focussed on the bottom-line outcomes. We wouldn’t be where we are today without him.”- Cat , Founder and Keynote Speaker of The Future of Work

“Mark has challenged my working, he has forced me to look at the Important Non Urgent Stuff which I had put to one side… This year I have a vision of where my business is going. I am positive, optimistic and excited about where it is going.” – Lisa , The Wentworth Collective Owner


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