Break the silos. Innovate Faster! Design Sprint Academy x Upstream


Admission fee:FREE


June 27, 2019


Imperial College London - Invention Rooms
Stadium House
68 Wood Lane
White City
W12 7TA




Are Design Sprints the right tool for your company transformation?

Together with the Design Sprint Academy, we are offering a Free Training which is intended to show Decision Makers, Product Managers, Innovation Leads, and Head Designers actively involved in driving change within their organisations proven methods for solving big challenges and creating innovative solutions, fast.

Participants will learn the Design Sprint Academy approach to mapping the business need to the customer problem, as well, as the way Design Sprints can lead to great outcomes by avoiding waste of time, resources and money.

In this Session, we will show you an abbreviated view of ways design sprints can solve complex problems, break the silos, and induce change into organisations.

What you’ll learn?

  • You will learn the importance of understanding a business problem from the customer perspective.
  • You will recognize the importance of goal setting and having a clear focus on the most prominent business opportunity.
  • You will learn effective ideation and decision-making techniques that will change the way you run meetings.

Why join?

Learn directly from practitioners and exchange practical knowledge and experience with peers from industries different than yours to inspire your future endeavours and improve the decision-making process.

How it will help you?

You will have an improved understanding of the value of knowing your customers and their needs and how that impacts the business model of your organization.

You will develop your skills as an innovator and observe new ways to sparkle creativity and team collaboration.

Note: This is an exclusive event with limited seats. We reserve the right to accept/deny participants based on our internal criteria. The selected attendees will also be confirmed via phone or email two weeks before the event. You can also join the Waiting List, and we’ll get in touch if a spot becomes available.


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