Good Company: How to Build a Business Without Losing Your Values


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January 21, 2021

16:00-17:15 GMT

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We operate in a highly competitive world, yet more businesses are realising that ruthlessness does not guarantee success and that there is a more compassionate way.

Perfect if you are looking to run your company more in line with your values, without sacrificing the profit motive or you want to reinvigorate your company culture in 2021 following a difficult year.

In this session, Julietta Dexter, award-winning Founder and former CEO of The Communications Store & now Founder and Chief Growth Officer of ScienceMagic.Inc will delve into why profit is just one consideration, and why honesty, reliability and diversity are the best foundations for long-term success.

Here’s what some of her readers say:

‘What a joy! Dexter’s book shows that it is possible for companies to cut the BS and care about individuals too. Inspiring and powerful.’ * Ruby Wax *

A welcome riposte to the notion that business requires tough, single-minded and aggressive thinking… this is a book that hopefully will open up people’s minds to a new way of working — and a timely reminder that money and profit is definitely not everything. * Stylist *

Julietta will discuss themes from her powerful and hopeful book, “Good Company: How to Build a Business Without Losing Your Values” which explores how she built one of the world’s most respected PR & communications companies without compromising her morals, values, staff or clients.

About Julietta: Julietta Dexter is now the Founder and Chief Growth Officer of ScienceMagic.Inc. which partners with brands to define and articulate their purpose, develop their commercial strategies and build their digital interfaces.

Prior to launching ScienceMagic.Inc, Julietta set up The Communications Store (TCS) when she was 26. TCS was one of the UK’s leading strategic brand development and communications partners to the world’s best luxury brands. Over the course of 25 years, as CEO, she steadily expanded the company both in terms of staff and client portfolio. In doing this, she remained ever-faithful to the ethos and values of honest business delivery, the core of TCS.

Julietta is an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust campaign, Women Supporting Women; a Trustee for Beauty Banks, a charity combatting hygiene poverty in the UK and has also been a regular fundraiser for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

She has been regularly featured in The Daily Telegraph, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar and of course, the PR Week Powerbook.


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