Imperial.Tech.Pitch: Affordable technologies for an ageing society


Admission fee:FREE


May 26, 2021

11:00-12:00 BST





The Imperial.Tech.Pitch series is a showcase of the latest academic research, research partnerships with industry, startups and technology licences managed by Imperial across specific industry sectors or themes.

This will include a series of presentations and pitches showcasing Imperial’s engineering research and technologies in healthcare to improve healthy life expectancy and meet the demands of an ageing population, before convening for a panel discussion chaired by Dr Jonathan Jeffers (Mechanical Engineering) – the first engineer ever to receive a National Institute for Health Research Research Professorship.


Introductions from Dr Rebeca Santamaria-Fernandez, Director of Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation (Faculty of Engineering), Imperial College London Enterprise Division and Dr Jonathan Jeffers.

Research pitches:

  • Rapid delivery of vaccines and personalised medicines – Dr Cleo Kontoravdi, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Optimisation and Pre-clinically testing the next generation of orthopaedic implants – Dr Richard van Arkel, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Neural interfacing in the 21th century: wearable, accurate, and with wide clinical and consumer use – Professor Dario Farina, Department of Bioengineering

Technology pitches:

  • MINT: Micro Implantable Neural Technologies – Dr Dorian Haci, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Ultrafast and super-resolution ultrasound for visualising macro- and micro-vascular flow dynamics in vivo – Prof Mengxing Tang, Department of Bioengineering
  • A bioinspired treatment for skin wounds– Dr Claire Higgins, Department of Bioengineering

Q&A panel discussion chaired by Dr Jonathan Jeffers.

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This event is part of a regular series from the Enterprise Division, coordinated by the Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation team for the Faculty of Engineering, with Imperial Business Partners. You can find out more about previous Imperial.Tech.Pitch events and others in the series on the dedicated webpages.

Imperial Business Partners is co-producing the Imperial.Tech.Pitch series through the summer and autumn of 2021 with the Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation team for Imperial’s Faculty of Engineering.


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