Investor Pitching Masterclass


Admission fee:£10


October 10, 2019


Kindred (in The Library)
Bradmore House
Queen Caroline Street
London W6 9BW




Learn to communicate your ideas to angels, venture capital and other investors in a clear, compelling way.


Why should I come along?

Because a standout pitch engages and inspires; it gets investors to see the world through your eyes, enabling them to relate to your vision and believe in it enough to help your idea become a reality.

Over 2.5 hours, you’ll discover the ingredients for successful investor pitches, have the opportunity to apply them practically and get the feedback you need so you’re ready to repeat it on your own.

Pizza and glass of wine/beer included.

Why Sarah Archer?

Sarah is an expert at helping people grow their marketing confidence and their business and…

• We know she’s good: Last year, she helped us train nine handpicked founders who then faced investors, including the CEO of a major VC with £800m worth of assets under management.

• She’s a business coach, author and Tedx speaker. Also a comedian, she will teach you how to face apathetic or agnostic investors.

• Her podcast The Speaking Club is in over 130 countries, providing indispensable advice on pitching and public speaking. 130 countries can’t be wrong.

You’ll get the Investor Pitch Perfect Takeaway Tools: The Hot Moose Framework for investor pitches; Easy-to-use methods making even the most complex concepts relatable; The PAT technique for creating ‘aha’ moments; Copy of Sarah’s e-book on pitching

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