Sales Masterclass – How to build a world-class technology sales team.


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February 11, 2019


Work.Life Hammersmith
Kings House
174 Hammersmith Road
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Learn how to build a world-class technology sales team.

Upstream is partnering with Chris Ginnelly (MD of Sandler Training London) to host a sales masterclass for ambitious SME technology business owners and directors.

From helping a small UK based SaaS business grow new business by 300% in 9 months to supporting Splunk’s growth from $50m to $1bn over 5 years, Chris knows what it takes to build a world-class tech sales organisation.

Chris will share the business development strategies and organisational standards adopted by some of the world’s best tech companies; exploring the opportunities that come with building a scalable sales operation capable of driving that next stage in your growth journey.

It’s not unusual for growing and ambitious tech focused SMEs to be:

concerned about hiring and investing in salespeople who don’t deliver,

struggling to qualify prospects early in order to focus energy on those that really are willing and able to do business,

overwhelmed as technical and presales staff are pulled across a range of under-qualified opportunities

frustrated by inconsistencies in approach and performance across the sales team

If any of these challenges are familiar it might make sense to join us.

Sandler Training is a business development consultancy specialising in sales, sales management, leadership and customer care with over 500 Sandler® trainers located in cities throughout the world. For over forty years Sandler has helped organisations – ranging from SMEs to global companies – establish strong hiring and management processes, high-performing sales teams, and market-leading customer service.


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