Science Communications: How to design a compelling visual story


Admission fee:FREE


June 10, 2021

12:00-12:45 GMT

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Are you a biotech, med-tech or health-tech startup/company looking to convey complex R&D concepts products or services to your clients, investors or patients in a clear and visually-engaging way?

Let’s be frank: great science-entrepreneurs don’t always make for great communicators. That can be a challenge when you are engaging with investors and supporters who could make or break your businesses.

Upstream’s lunch and learn with Reciprocal Space will demonstrate why science communication matters now more than ever and will provide useful advice on design of presentations for clients and investors in the biotech and medical sector.

This workshop will showcase what Reciprocal Space can do for young, aspiring biotech, med-tech and health-tech companies and demonstrate their previous work translating scientific language and concepts into journal illustrations, animations to branding and designing logos.

It gets better! After the event, a scientific consultant from Reciprocal Space will sit down with each attendee – FOR FREE – to analyse your R&D and product communication needs and suggest a way forward. Should you choose to work with them, you will receive a 25% fee discount.


Dr Michal Barski, CEO & Scientific Consultant, Reciprocal Space – Michael has a PhD in Structural Biology from the University of St Andrews. Prior to founding Reciprocal Space, he completed his postdoctoral research in virology at Imperial College London. With over 10 years experience in the science & tech sector, Michael oversees the work of the incredibly dynamic and multi-disciplinary team at Reciprocal Space and provides scientific expertise to deliver projects at the highest design quality and scientific accuracy.

Yaatzil Ceballos, Creative Director, Reciprocal Space – Yaatzil is a cross-disciplinary designer trained in graphic and narrative design, photography and architecture. Prior to joining Reciprocal Space, she completed her MA in Narrative Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. Yaatzil leads the creative process at Reciprocal Space from initial concept to completion. She is an endless source of creativity and inspiration for the entire design team.


Reciprocal space is a London-based science communication and creative design studio. They help young as well as established biotech companies convey the excitement and innovation of their research, technology and products to a wider audience – be it clients, investors or patients. They offer a range of services from visual identity development, illustrations and animations designed to showcase your company’s R&D, technology and products to infographics and data presentations.


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