Finding calm in the chaos (4 min read)

You would have read it on countless occasions, these are unprecedented times. New normals are emerging as we cope with COVID-19. Our home WiFi has seen a surge, our key workers are keeping the show on the road and social distancing will surely be the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year.

Keeping a healthy body and mind is paramount.  So we are sharing some of the things that work for us, and one way we have been helping you amidst the current challenges. Have tips you’d like to share? Let us know! @HelloUpstream


We have been running e-coffees for science, tech and creative businesses in Hammersmith & Fulham and they have been going down a storm (in a coffee cup?). 

Members of our network have said they are “so happy they spoke to us” and said “thank you not just for your prompt support but also for just reaching out at this crazy time”.

Unsure how we can help you? 

To name a few things, we have: signposted organisations to government support and alleviated confusion, connected organisations to experts who can help with remote working and moving digital, connected a local entrepreneur to the Imperial Innovator programme, publicised newly digital events and much more!

If you require support in these uncertain times, book in an e-coffee, drop us an email ( or connect @HelloUpstream. We are here to help, and want our network to continue to thrive.


Top tips for soothing body and mind in isolation

Here’s what has worked for Team Upstream:


Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Podcasts: Happy Place with Fearne Cotton, and How to Fail with Elizabeth Day are my top 2 currently.

Connect to an exercise class from home: I have been using Fiit for 18 months now and it’s amazing. Class variety means you can tailor it to you, and at 25 or 40 minutes long they aren’t a chore. Our friends at Kindred are running great weekly classes as well.

Meditation: Headspace every time. 

Get that routine on point: and pack away anything work related as soon as you log off! Make catching up with friends & family regular, I’ve been involved in so many digital quizzes I’m tempted to apply for The Chase.

Dance break: 3pm. Every day. Song suggestions welcomed, ridiculous dance moves encouraged.

Screen breaks: Books, board games, watching the squirrels and birds fight for superiority outside- it’s all helped.



Managing Director

Dressing as though going into the office Didn’t spend money on a wardrobe for it not to be seen, even if on a Zoom call.

Zoom catch up with friends Less discipline required than Headspace. 

Online HIIT programmes and doing wheelbarrows with one of these Wheelbarrows are my happy place. 

100 metre races with Small Child (up to 10x) Competing mercilessly with Small Child is a bundle of laughs, as all alpha parents know. Just try not to trip them up. 

Pretending that school is still on and doing school work with Small Child. Because everyone (i.e. me) needs structure before they consume their own body weight in Easter eggs. 

Baking. Scones, banana bread, lemon cake and bread.  In one weekend. 


What our friends recommend

Keeping the children entertained: Imperial and Twig Education have launched an online primary science news service and 30 classes to empower parents and teachers to deliver inspiring science lessons for 5 – 11 year-olds.

Order-in to treat yourself: Experience delicacies and support local businesses from this list.

Helping those locally: The H&F Community Aid Network (H&F CAN) is supporting the most vulnerable. Register to help here.

TED Connects: a daily conversation series to help us reflect.

Professional development: For those with no caring and homeschooling responsibilities, the House of Beautiful business has some wonderful Living Room Sessions that are currently free.  

Cooking classes or recipes: Kitchen Quarantine with Massimo Bottura, chef patron of the three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana in Italy, on Instagram Live has been a HUGE hit thanks to his daughter’s digital know-how. Follow him for updates.


Back to basics

Please remember there is support out there if you need it:

Mind’s Coronavirus and your wellbeing support page has excellent tips to remain calm and well.

As always, the Samaritans are at the end of the phone.