September Rest with London Tech Week

As happy memories of my summer holiday fade and that Groundhog-ish feeling seeps in, it’s time to seek inspiration, shake up professional and personal plans (tennis v jazz?).

If you’re feeling like me, Upstream’s London Tech Week events are the perfect reset.

For those heading back to the office in the strongest numbers since March 2020, have you ever considered if you are making the most of your time in the office and its location?

If you’re unsure, then come along to hear from Novartis and scaleup Puraffinity as they set out how to make the most of being based in White City. Partnering with Scale Space, Upstream has put together an expert panel that will examine the benefits of locating and co-locating near the right people and particularly near a world-class university like Imperial College London. You’ll come to understand why White City is the driving force behind Hammersmith & Fulham’s Industrial Strategy and why we believe that the UK’s 6th most competitive economy (according to the Competitiveness Index) will continue to thrive.  

Online RSVPs here or email us if you could benefit from an in-person invitation for 21 September 11:30-12:30.  

Next up on 23 September, our Impact & Innovation showcase includes a global expert on blast injuries, an edtech making life easier for children and teachers, a biotech working on targeted treatment of cancer, a digital firm transforming the way government and businesses work and finally, all the way from South Korea, the winner of Hammersmith-based cybersecurity accelerator CyLon’s Spark programme. Sign up here for tickets!

All this innovation is cramped into one of London’s smallest boroughs but for those of you who have lived or worked here that much longer, it doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, this is the home of creativity and innovation – from the BBC to Disney and more recently YOOX-NET-A-PORTER, Publicis and to say nothing of the 60+ life sciences businesses now in the borough. 

So come along to be inspired and to understand how your neighbours in H&F are changing the world for the better. It will remind you just why you want to live, work and play here.