Digital Creative Network west in-person (2/2)

Her honesty and words of encouragement were echoed both by Patrick Thursby who spoke of his early interest in special effects (and then stunt work!) and by Chris  Lynham who spoke about Westfield London’s digital competition.

He added: “At Westfield London, when it comes to our digital advertising space, all you need is an idea to enter our digital creative competition. 

“Right now our competition winner has a digital advert promoting missing people.

“We are very happy to showcase artwork especially from the local community, the screen in John Lewis is the second biggest screening advert in the UK.”

Joanna Alpe of Bild Studios also joined the discussion and shared some insight into the ways through which her team embraced digital innovation.

She said: “We are engineers that specialise in doing live events for film and television. Recently, we delved into television and augmented reality because the trend within the industry focuses on creating a hybrid virtual world.

“Virtual production is the next big thing so it’s all about using green screens. 

“In 2021 we launched a virtual production studio in Ruislip called ‘Bild Studios,’ it  is a mid tier production studio which means it is more accessible to wider ranges of projects.

“This means that Hollywood Level virtual production can now be made accessible to others in the industry – e.g those with smaller budgets can access productions that they typically couldn’t afford.”   In a similar vein, Patrick Thursby’s presentation on the work of Machine Shop brought home how a lean team can have a major impact through its work with large and small businesses alike. 

The event ended with an audience-led Q&A and  plenty of pizza and drink.  

The Digital Creative Network aims to foster and strengthen relationships between large anchor organisations, startups and academia in West London.  Witnessing the interaction on the evening between industry, academia and students certainly brought home our belief that the west London digital creative ecosystem is one of the best.  

And for Upstream, the night’s success  is testament to Upstream’s purpose to foster closer networks that help people, places and organisations thrive. 


Stay tuned for the next DCN west showcase!