Based in the heart of West London, Kindred describes itself as a “reimagined members’ space”, with a heart for community, conversation and connection.

Founded on the desire to find a solution to the growing isolation, disconnection and loneliness, Kindred offers an exciting calendar of events, full and social memberships, and a thriving hospitality scene to give local Londoners the members’ space they deserve.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Human connection is at the heart of everything we do at Kindred. ‘Genuine’ is one the words our members use the most, and we’re proud to share Bradmore House with those who truly value a sense of community. We are a place for you to invest in yourself, build your network, and spark real connections.

The campfire is our logo to remind us of this fundamental idea: that the ritual of gathering with one another is basic, simple, and essential to life and progress.

Our recently launched group membership offering is the perfect solution for local businesses exploring a WFH/workplace hybrid.