Addionics, a pioneering company, is transforming the energy storage landscape. Their focus on battery physics is unlocking innovations like higher energy density, rapid charging, and enhanced safety. With a vision aimed at major markets, Addionics is poised to revolutionize energy storage.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are central to their mission, offering a potent solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. In the United States, where 28% of total energy is consumed in transportation, and 92% of that relies on petroleum products (Source: US Energy), Addionics’ technology promises a cleaner, sustainable alternative to traditional vehicles, combatting climate change.

Yet, Addionics’ ambitions stretch beyond EVs; they envision a future entirely powered by batteries, promoting longevity and waste reduction, contributing to a greener planet.

Founded in 2018, Addionics’ journey began with academic research at Imperial College London in 2014. Investigating battery explosions, akin to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident, they recognized the transformative potential of their discoveries for a decarbonized economy.

Their Smart 3D Current Collectors™ solution lies at the heart of their innovation. It enhances battery capacity, power, safety, charging efficiency, lifespan, and cost-effectiveness, across various chemistries. Today, Addionics is dedicated to scaling its proprietary technology, paving the way for the next generation of batteries to power our future sustainably. Join them on this journey towards cleaner, more efficient energy storage solutions.

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