A catalyst for innovation – Science Entrepreneur Club

One major perk of working at Upstream is that we get to meet many of the jaw-dropping/out-of-this-world/[insert your own superlative] businesses in this borough.  Following our recent Deep Tech Network launch, we had a catch up with our friends at Clustermarket, who have come together with other life science companies to create the Science Entrepreneur Club.  We loved what they do so much, we asked for a short blog so you can find out more and get involved.  In their own words:  

The Science Entrepreneur Club (SEC) is a non-profit organisation of curious minds that aims to explore and unite the life science ecosystem by educating, inspiring and connecting. We give scientific entrepreneurs a network and a platform to showcase their innovative technologies, find investors, meet likeminded people and accelerate their company.

The SEC team, which includes graduates, industry professionals and entrepreneurs, understand the challenges innovators face, especially in their early stages, when they are looking to translate their ideas into successful companies. Finding the right investors, accessing appropriate lab space and equipment and cultivating talent pools are just a few of those challenges, which often hold back novel drug development and disruptive technologies. In a life science industry ecosystem that is heavily-regulated, capital-intensive and resistant to change the SEC aims to be the catalyst for innovation.

“In the next ten years, scientists in the UK will discover more about biology than in the last hundred. Much of this ground-breaking research will be disruptive and will require a collaborative effort from across the life science ecosystem in order to reach patients,” says Fane Mensah, one of SEC’s managing directors and a PhD candidate in medicine at UCL. “At the SEC we want to build a hub for innovators to expand their network and meet like-minded enthusiasts.”

The SEC’s activities cover a variety of outreach and educational initiatives. Its regular events and workshops bring together scientific leaders, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs from across the life science ecosystem. Its resources and articles, often featuring interviews with founders of biotech startups, aim to inspire and educate a new generation of life science entrepreneurs. Its broad network allows innovators to connect with leading accelerator programs, such as RebelBio and Panacea Stars, and companies to access the resources and infrastructure offered by the SEC’s founding partner Clustermarket, an online marketplace for scientific equipment and technical services.

To join this exciting community and keep up-to-date with the latest SEC’s activities visit their website, subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Twitter.